Top Marks for Murder

Publisher: Puffin

At Deepdean boarding school for girls, Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are anticipating a rather tedious end to the summer term. But all that changes when their friend and fellow teen detective, Beanie, witnesses a shocking incident from the window of their dormitory.

As Daisy and her cronies slip in to full-on investigation mode, the body count rises steadily but evidence seems thin on the ground.

Will the restrictive school regimen prevent the girls from maintaining their superb record of crime-solving or will their insider knowledge be the thing that gives them the edge over conventional detectives?

This teen murder-mystery, set in an exclusive girls’ school in 1936 is reminiscent of Enid Blyton’s boarding school novels, but with a hefty dose of Agatha Christie’s gruesome, puzzling plotlines.

In a world where curtseying, deportment and etiquette are the backbone of the curriculum, and tea is still served by uniformed maids, this is a glorious slice of fantastical escapism.

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