To The Edge of the World

Publisher: Oxford University Press

This is the story of Jamie, who has moved from Glasgow to a tiny island in the Outer Hebrides (‘paradise, just much colder’). He loves the wildness and the freedom but is actually terribly afraid of the deep, cold sea; kind of embarrassing when his grandpa is a boatbuilder.

Then Jamie makes friends with Mara, a wild, home-educated girl who lives with her mum on the very fringes of island society, and learns to face his fears.

A beautifully written, evocative tale with truly gorgeous descriptions of the Scottish Islands and its wildlife. It’s really a story about learning how to be brave and to become your true and best self – great for children on the the cusp of their teenage years. There’s real adventure here and real danger, too: plus a gorgeous dog to get to know (Django).

This book is just perfect for more grown-up Katie Morag fans. A wonderful read.

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