Tiny Crab is a Tidy Crab

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Tiny Crab loves his life on the beach, watching the waves, building sandcastles and surfing. But above all else Tiny Crab loves caring for his beach and keeping it clean and tidy.

One day, he decides to invite a friend to visit his special beach. But his pal, Seagull, does not come alone. In fact, he brings a group of friends with him, none of whom even notice Tiny Crab as he welcomes them to his beach.

The other animals spend the day eating and playing on the beach and when it's time for them to go home, they leave all their mess. That evening, Tiny Crab, annoyed, tidies up his beach only for even more animals to arrive the next morning and make more of a mess. Finally, Tiny Crab has had enough and finds the courage, and his voice, to tell the visitors that they're destroying his home. Once the others realise their bad behaviour, they apologise for not respecting the beach and help Tiny Crab get the beach right. With so many paws and claws, it's clean with enough time for everyone to watch the sunset.

A sweet but meaningful read, Tiny Crab is a Tidy Crab reminds us that even the smallest voices need to be heard and respected and that the simple action of picking up your litter can make a big difference to our environment and the animals who live in it.

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