Through My Eyes: Amina

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Amina is a young girl who is living in a war zone. Her parents believe that they should not leave Somalia to live abroad even though their lives are in constant danger. JL Powers depicts the realities of life in Mogadishu at the end of the civil war. Food is scarce due to the recent drought, the lives of the citizens of the town are governed by strict rules including a ban on football (even people talking about football could be arrested). The art and poetry Amina creates is also drawing attention and could get her in trouble.

Amina's world is shattered when her father is arrested and her brother abducted. She becomes the person her family relies upon to find them food and maintain contact with the outside world. This moving story transports the reader to Somalia and allows them to experience the challenges faced by the Somalian families who chose to stay in their war torn country. This book is perfect for those who enjoyed the realism of Beverley Naidoo's The Other Side of Truth.

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