This Poison Heart

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Briseis has a very unusual power – she can control the plants and flowers around her. But she's struggling to keep her gift under wraps, and it's starting to alienate her friends. So when she discovers that she's inherited an old house from her birth family, she and her adoptive mothers agree that it might just be the fresh start they need.

But there are some very weird things about their new house – from the locked garden surrounded by poisonous plants to the dusty apothecary and the fact that strange people keep turning up on the grounds.

As Briseis uncovers the truth about the house and her family history, things begin to take even more of a dangerous and sinister turn...

This Poison Heart is a dark and mysterious tale which is also full of warmth, thanks to the supportive relationship between Briseis and her mothers – and it's fantastic to see such a naturally inclusive book, featuring a same-sex family set-up and a Black, bisexual teenager.

Weaving in a thrilling reimagining of Greek mythology, the story has an epic feel, but also tackles relatable issues of identity and coming of age. But be warned that the heart-stopping climax will leave you desperate for book two...

Parents and teachers may wish to note that This Poison Heart does include some limited swearing.

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