This is a SERIOUS Book

Publisher: Faber & Faber

This self-proclaimed serious book wants to be thoughtful, proper and respectable, and is determined not to allow any silliness within its pages. However, the characters that venture into the tale have other ideas. A donkey, who pulls funny faces, dresses up and does bottom parps, is joined by a zebra, a snake and a penguin. As each creature scampers, slithers and bounces around the book, the narrator attempts to keep order and sends them away in disgrace, but when a troop of colourful monkeys join the mix, chaos ensues.

This exuberant tale of merriment is wonderful to read aloud. The naughty antics of a medley of rebellious animals will provoke plenty of giggles from fun-loving children. With vibrant illustrations that barge their way onto the crisp white pages, this is a (not so) serious book, where the folly is infectious. 

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