This Book Is Cruelty Free

Publisher: Pavilion

It’s not easy to live a life which causes as little harm to animals and the environment as possible – we’re surrounded by goods wrapped in single-use plastic, affordable products which use animal testing, and food which offers very little by way of information about where it came from and how ethically it was produced. However, with constant, stark reminders about the climate emergency, many of us want to help look after the planet and make cruelty-free choices where we can.

In this thorough, well-researched and impassioned guide for older readers, Linda Newbery offers tips and advice on how to live a life that doesn’t cost the earth. There’s a wealth of information on the power we wield as consumers and how to check labels and ask questions to avoid products which exploit animals; how we can reduce our meat consumption to adopt a more vegetarian or vegan diet; and discussion points (and counter-arguments) on the complicated ethical questions around zoos and pets.

Whilst some of the advice might be difficult to follow for some readers (for example, not everyone has the space to grow their own food in a garden), the book is quick to point out that a large number of people doing things imperfectly makes a bigger impact than a handful of people doing things perfectly – and that trying to live a cruelty-free life is about doing the best you can. There are lots of ideas on different ways to help animals in a helpful list at the end of the book, which range from signing petitions to volunteering at wildlife sanctuaries.

A thought-provoking, helpful, and hopeful read.

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