Thimble Wonga Bonkers

Publisher: Firefly

Going to the supermarket should be a fairly uneventful activity, unless you are Jams Cogan.  In his case there is rarely anything uneventful about life – particularly since the family unit includes a monkey called Thimble.  

When Mum escapes on a spa trip with her friends, a simple excursion for provisions results in one absurd and highly entertaining predicament after another for Jams and his hapless dad.  With barely a pause for breath, the outlandish drama sees them carrying a sawn-off telegraph pole into a police station, trying to retrieve a key that’s been swallowed by Thimble and defending themselves against a strange cult who believe the monkey is the chosen one. All disconcertingly run-of-the-mill activities for this family.

This is the latest in the series of accessible but satisfying books about Thimble and family.  Packed with farcical capers and groan-worthy gags, and with equally high-energy illustrations, it’s an unusual and utterly fun-filled read. Jams happens to use a walker (he has cerebral palsy) but this is largely incidental to the story.

Author Jon Blake and his son Jordi talk about Thimble Wonga Bonkers

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Thimble Wonga Bonkers author Jon Blake and his son Jordi were interviewed about the importance of inclusivity - and monkey madness!

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