There’s an Elf in your Book

Publisher: Puffin

Ho, Ho… Oh! There seems to be a very mischievous elf in this book. He’s here to take you through the most important test ever – the Nice List Test – which will measure whether you’ve earned your Christmas presents.

Get ready to sing a Christmas song and blow a Christmas kiss, but watch out for the elf’s naughty tricks! You'd better keep your wits about you if you want to make it on to Santa's Nice List.

Like the rest of the "In Your Book" series, this is an interactive story, with lots of instructions to move the book about and make noises as you read it. This one has a festive spin that adults and children will enjoy together in the run up to Christmas, and the wonderful illustrations will ensure that even the youngest of readers follow the interaction with the elf.

A new Christmas favourite for little ones that’s lots of fun to read again and again.

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