There's a Dinosaur in My Bathtub

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Amelia has a giant secret: he’s very large, green and scaly with a wonderfully curly moustache. Pierre the French Dinosaur lives in her bathroom. He hides when Mum washes her hair and when Dad needs the loo – Wrinkles the dog has never spotted him either. In fact, Pierre is so good at hiding that Amelia is the only one who can see him, which means they can have all sorts of wonderful adventures together. Giant ice creams, hot chocolate in space, sailing and dancing are just some of the things they do, but when the autumn leaves start falling it’s time for Pierre to say 'au revoir'!

Who could fail to love the idea of a bathroom dwelling dinonsaur – a moustachio'd one, no less. Children will adore Catalina Echeverri’s crazy creation and this simple story could inspire some wonderfully inventive imaginings of their own. Echeverri’s lovely artwork, with its funny details, interesting layout and bright, fresh palette should make this picture book very appealing to little ones.

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