The Young World

Publisher: Atom

A devastating virus has wiped out most of humankind, and only teenagers, who are seemingly immune, have been left alive. With no chance of pregnancy and no hope of surviving much past 18 the streets of America have become a war ground filled with rival gangs, the insane, and those who murder for fun. Amidst the madness, a pocket of humanity has developed in Washington Park Square, where an assorted mix of children have grouped together to form a community of sorts. It is here they learn of a possible explanation for the sickness and the chance to cure it. A small band of brave souls sets off across New York, risking their own lives in an attempt to save the world.

Although this may not be the first time a post-apocalyptic, teenage-run world has been written about, it is one of the best in the genre. Chris Weitz has his finger on the pulse when it comes to cultural references and his fantastically diverse characters pop out of the action-packed pages. Narrated by two protagonists, Jefferson and Donna, this rollercoaster of a story demands to be read in one sitting. Highly recommended.

N.B. 16+ frequent swearing, reference to rape, frequent violence and murder

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