The Wizerd! and the Potion of Dreams

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: ONI Press (Diamond Phil)

A wizard lives alone, quietly gardening and contemplating life when he’s attacked by Princess Wallace of the North Hills, who really, really wants a potion that will make her the hunkiest and strongest warrior in her family. Not taking no for an answer, the Princess finally persuades the wizard and they go off on a quest to collect the ingredients for the secret potion. Joined by a girl witch excellent archery skills, the adventurers journey to the trade city of Thent to find their ingredients, but end up in jail. Will the wizard be able to make the potion? And will all their wishes come true?

This tongue in cheek magical adventure has a similar look and feel in its style to the TV show Adventure Time, perhaps because one of its creators has also worked for Cartoon Network. There are plenty of jokes, great characters and skull-ridden dungeons to explore, with a wizard who just wants a quiet life at the centre of what becomes a great new friendship. The dialogue is for kids but reasonably sophisticated, so needs an older primary reader to really get the best from it. Great fun.

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