The Wizards and the Whale

Publisher: Jean Tori Books


12 wizards who live in 12 different kingdoms all around the world are invited to Wild Island, where their help is needed. The Winter Wizard travels south west with his Snowy Owl; the Which Way Wizard sets off with no dilly-dallying.

When the wizards arrive, it transpires that the Earth needs the wizards' help, so the wizards send up paper lanterns into the sky, carrying their message to children worldwide: we're all connected, and we can heal the earth.

Jean Tori is a remarkable artist, and this children's book is resplendently full of vibrant blues, pinks and purples.

The book has an appealing retro style and feel and would be perfect to inspire an art project for primary school children, or to accompany a library selection with an environmental theme.

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