The Witch of Turlingham Academy

Publisher: Atom

Sophie is the daughter of the headmistress at Turlingham Academy, so unlike the other boarders, she lives there all year round. When she discovers a parcel addressed to herself in her mother’s desk drawer, saying it should be opened on her 13th birthday, Sophie starts finding out there’s much more to her family – and herself – than she ever knew.

Then when attractive new girl Katy and her unbelievably handsome brother Ashton start at the school, Sophie soon starts feeling very uncomfortable around them. Why have they been to so many schools over the last few years? What exactly are they looking for?

The Witch of Turlingham Academy is full of mystery and magic, and a very cute squirrel called Gally. With themes of friendship, loyalty and breaking down barriers, it’s an enjoyable start to a new fantasy series. Tween fans of The Worst Witch series or The Chocolate Box Girls will love it.

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