The Witch of Salt and Storm

Publisher: Orchard Books

Roe women have been witches on Prince Island for generations, protecting sailors with their charms. Avery’s convinced it’s her destiny too, learning magic from her grandmother in her windswept cottage. But Avery’s mother wants her to be a lady, not a witch, trying to break with tradition by entrapping Avery into a life of small-town civility. 

Then Avery dreams she’ll be murdered. Desperate, she asks enigmatic tattooed and equally troubled outsider, Tane, to take a message asking for her grandmother’s advice. Should Avery lead the life she always assumed as island witch – or flee with Tane?

The wind-swept, wave-lashed Maine coast is backdrop for this powerful, passionate fantasy, exploring a female dynasty facing age-old, yet surprisingly familiar, conflicts between expectation, tradition and personal desire. 

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