The Wild Folk

Publisher: Usborne

Tin and Comfrey both live on the mystical island of Farallone but have very different lives: Tin’s from the City, a walled-in industrial zone that prizes machinery and the precious stone stargold above all else, while Comfrey’s from the Country, living in harmony with nature.

But the City’s stargold is running out. Desperate to find more, its leaders start searching beyond the City walls, and they’ll destroy everything in their way, including the countryside and the reclusive Wild Folk, to get what they want.

Magic and mythology and fantastic world-building combine in this breathtaking adventure story. Brought together by two talking hares, Comfrey and Tin embark on an epic quest to find the mythical Elk of Milk and Gold, the only being who can save Farallone from the City. Travelling across the land of the Wild Folk (strange half-animal, almost fairylike creatures, who are as likely to trap the children as help them),  they will face many challenges, discover incredible secrets, and have to make some very difficult choices.

Environmental and dystopian themes run through this wondrous story, while the wildness of Farallone and bravery and determination of Tin and Comfrey will surely find a place in every reader’s heart.

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