The Truth About Martians

Publisher: Chicken House

Mylo Affinito loves superheroes, but he knows there's no such thing as Martians. Until, at least, an alien spaceship crash lands near his family's farm in New Mexico...

With the support of his best friend Dibs, Mylo decides to find out all about the creatures inside the UFO – and what he discovers might just help him and his family come to terms with the loss of his brother Obie.

The Truth About Martians is a wonderful book, featuring a rollicking sci-fi adventure (based on the alleged alien landing at Roswell) alongside some beautifully-played emotional notes.

Mylo's grief is delicately handled by Melissa Savage and underpins the entire story – even when that includes Mylo's crush on Gracie Delgado, the arrival of an alien who needs help, and a government conspiracy.

With musings on the importance of tolerance, explorations of grief and depression, and even an environmental message, The Truth About Martians has a lot to say, but never lets its larger ideas get in the way of a great story, told with plenty of humour and heart.

There is some discussion of a child who is physically abused by his father, which may not be suitable for some young readers.

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