The Threads of Magic

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Publisher: Walker Books

Pip is an opportunistic thief who picks the pockets of rich folks in order to feed himself and his sister. When a jewel-encrusted silver box comes into his possession he is thrilled to have procured such a valuable treasure. But then he looks inside and what he finds both fascinates and terrifies him.

It soon becomes clear that Pip, his sister and their mentor are in the gravest danger from the evil practitioners of Bad Magic who are in relentless pursuit of absolute power.   

What starts as a seemingly familiar tale of maligned witches struggling to preserve their skills amidst discrimination and persecution, develops into a darker, more horrifying story. Themes of trust, friendship and the power of kindness are contrasted with the betrayal, treachery and outright horror that characterise times of war and conflict.

Whilst not for the fainthearted, adventurous readers will relish the intensity and jeopardy of Pip’s exploits, which could act as a springboard to more adult fantasy fiction.

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