The Tapper Twins Run for President

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Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

Claudia Tapper has decided that she wants to be president. Not just president of the sixth grade, but of the whole United States. Given the fact that she's only 12 years old, she's going to have to settle for class president for now, while she builds up her political career.

Claudia's twin brother Reese has different ideas. He's seen how hard the actual president has to work, and doesn't really fancy the job himself. When the headmaster bans playing football on the rooftop (the school's only outside space), Reese realises that he is going to have to get involved, and somehow ends up running for class president against his sister. But how far will the Tapper Twins go to reach the top spot?

The third installment in the hugely popular Tapper Twins series, this book doesn't disappoint. Full of quirky illustrations, photos, screenshots and interviews, it gives a hilarious and entertaining account of the Twins' battle to rule the school.

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