The Tale of Angelino Brown

Publisher: Walker

Bert finds an angel in his pocket. At first, he is unsure of his charms, but he and his wife Betty fall in love with this tiny boy and decide to adopt him and name him Angelino.

Soon, however, some local criminals decide to kidnap Angelino in the hopes of making money out of him…

The Tale of Angelino Brown is a gorgeous, heartfelt poem to the hope that all children bring to the world, if only they are allowed to fly. The illustrations by Claude creator Alex T Smith are a joy and complement the words perfectly.

Adults reading this book will have to choke back the tears at the idea of children not reaching their potential, whereas children will revel in the delightful adventure and amusing angelic fun - and probably wonder why the heck the adults are crying.

An absolute delight that should be read by all politicians and leaders making decisions about education.

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