The Sun is Also a Star

Publisher: Random House

Natasha is having the worst day of her life. She has until 10pm to save her family from being deported back to Jamaica and not one minute can be wasted on daydreams or romance.

Daniel has suddenly become the focus of his Korean parents' attention since his older brother dropped out of Harvard. On his way to a life changing interview, he has enough to worry about without falling in love.

Two people who couldn't be more different, from their upbringing to their outlook on life, collide in a whirlwind of love, tragedy and hope.

This exquisite novel is told from each protagonist's point of view. Natasha is practical and realistic, while Daniel is a dreamer and a poet. They are so heartbreakingly realistic and endearing readers will be unable to put down the book until they have discovered what happens. A highly recommended read.

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