The Stink Before Christmas

Publisher: Scholastic

Santa is stuck on the toilet: it must have been the sprouts. When he's finally ready to fly off on his sleigh for the all-important Christmas Eve deliveries, Mrs Claus hands him a packed lunch of cabbage with baked beans. What could possibly go wrong? Turns out, quite a lot. When one of Santa's huge farts dislodges the sack of presents from his sleigh, they scatter into the sea, meaning that Santa has to land the sleigh on a rock and reel them back in with his fishing rod. But, wait – that isn't a rock...

This windy story is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and strictly only for households where trumps, pumps and stinks are required entertainment. However, if that sounds familiar, then this celebration of all things indigestion-related is guaranteed fun. The rhyming text is good, and Tom Knight's illustrations are bright and full of action.

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