The Snowiest Christmas Ever

Publisher: Little Tiger

It’s Christmas time and little Button the bear desperately wants it to snow. Sure enough, Button gets her wish and she sees the tiniest of snowflakes falling on her windowsill. And as the bears drift to sleep in their cosy cabin the snow settles and gets deeper… and deeper.

Soon, Button starts to worry that wishing for snow was a mistake, now that she and the other bears are stuck in their cabin with snow blocking in the windows, the door and even the chimney! How will Santa get to visit them on Christmas Eve now?

A gentle story about the exciting build-up to Christmas, this is a lovely, cosy read, which will also make adult readers feel nostalgic for the "will-it-won’t-it" snow anticipation when they were children.

The colourful and traditional illustrations bring a cosiness to this soothing bedtime read in the days leading up to Christmas.

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