The Shadow Keeper

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Having been forced from the safety of their forest camp to an isolated seaside cave, to protect themselves from the evil magicians known as the Shadowmasks, Moll, her wildcat Gryff, Alfie and Siddy are determined to find the second amulet and fulfil the Bone Murmur prophecy.

This time, they are up against smugglers, evil pirate ghosts, razor-winged owls and dastardly sea creatures.

This is the second instalment in the adventures of Moll Pecksniff - and it is just as exciting and fast-paced as The Dreamsnatcher.

The characters develop more fully as we learn about Alfie's mysterious childhood, and why he is involved in the quest. We are also introduced to Scrap, a mute pirate girl, who will steal readers' hearts. Filled with dark magic, danger and friendship.

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