The Secret Keepers

Publisher: Chicken House

Rueben and his mother live in a poky apartment in run-down New Umbra. The neighbourhood is patrolled by the Directions, sinister groups of men who collect protection money for the feared and elusive ruler of the city, known only as The Smoke.

When one day Rueben finds an unusual old pocket watch, his first thought is to sell it to raise much-needed money for his mum. However, when he discovers the watch has a secret power (it makes the holder invisible for 15 minutes at a time), he is reluctant to part with it. Unfortunately, The Smoke finds out that Rueben has the watch - and it seems he will stop at nothing to possess it.

This captivating page-turner, with layers of secrecy and intrigue, is a compelling read. The characters and environment are convincingly drawn, making it a sophisticated novel for confident readers.

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