The Rose Muddle Mysteries: The Amber Pendant

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Publisher: Usborne

When 12-year-old Rose Muddle becomes a maid in a grand house, she is grateful to escape the harsh workhouse environment where she grew up. However, Rose is astonished when her mistress, Miss Templeforth, reveals the real reason behind her employment. Having spent many years guarding a magical amber pendant, Miss Templeforth's health is now failing and she has selected Rose as the new keeper of the stone.

Plucky Rose and her brave friend Rui must work together to prevent the necklace from falling into the wrong hands. They are pursued by members of a sinister gang, the Brotherhood of the Black Sun, who will stop at nothing to harness the pendant's powerful magic and unleash unimaginable evil into the world.

Set in Hove, East Sussex, this thrilling Edwardian adventure is packed full of mystery, magic, treachery and friendship. A thrilling first tale in an exciting historical series for independent readers.

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