The Roman Mystery Scrolls: The Poisoned Honey-Cake

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Beggar boy Threptus joins force with the comical soothsayer Floridus in this, the second installment of The Roman Mystery Scrolls, a series of of well-illustrated chapter books for younger readers, offering ‘less blood and more poo’ than Caroline Lawrence’s Roman Mysteries series, but no reduction in carefully-researched information about Ancient Roman life and times.

Mentored by Floridius, Threptus’ growing ability to read and write is key to the story, as he helps with predictions and unravels mysteries, many of which involve undercover work in the sewers where he can overhead people plotting, even at their most private moments! This entertaining historical adventure is ideal for engaging reluctant boys, and provides a great stepping stone on to lengthier works.

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