The Road to Ever After

Publisher: Macmillan

Davy David lives in Brownvale, a small American town where life is just about tolerable for an orphan boy living by his wits. But Davy has a secret: he can draw, and his Renaissance angels, brushed in the dust by twig and leaf, appear mysteriously all around town. However, one day, when the town’s mean Minister threatens Davy, serendipity brings him to the door of Miss Flint, a combination of Miss Havisham and Katherine Hepburn.

Miss Flint has a task for Davy: to drive her to the house where she was born, so that she can die there. But the journey brings surprises that neither of them could have anticipated.

This beautifully written, sad and bittersweet story about family, bereavement and having faith in your own abilities has a truly timeless feel. Readers will root for Davy and the indomitable Miss Flint, and the ending will have you in happy tears.

A wonderful, heart-warming read.

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