The Rescue Princesses: The Stolen Crystals

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Princess Jaminta wants to give her grandfather, Emperor Cho, a special gift for his 90th birthday. She tries to carve him a heart-shaped gem from a crystal rock but is dismayed when she accidentally cracks it. The Master Gem Maker suggests Jaminta dips the rock into the Silver River at sunrise, when the magic is strongest, and the crystal will find its true form.

Meanwhile, as guests arrive from far and wide for the birthday celebrations, Jaminta takes her friends to see a little panda cub she has befriended on Cloud Mountain. While there, they come across a shady looking figure, whom they suspect is trying to locate the magical lost Onica Heart Crystals, which were stolen from the palace ten years earlier. It becomes clear that he will let nothing stand in his way of finding the precious gems, not even the panda cub. The princesses must use their intelligence, strength and bravery to protect the young creature and bring the villain to justice.

An exciting mystery in the Rescue Princesses series, which celebrates friendship, courage and kindness. Short chapters, line drawings and an intriguing plot make this an ideal series for newly independent girl readers.

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