The Rain Door

Publisher: Walker Books

It is a blisteringly hot day in London when Harry finds the Rain Door. This is no ordinary door, when you look straight at it, it disappears, but if you know it is there and if you say the magic words you can step though it. Once he is on the other side Harry sets off on an extraordinary adventure with a rag-and-bone man, his horse Lightning, and a troublesome lion called Thunder. With a little help from a dinosaur and a lot of luck they might just be able to get back home again.

This book is an absolute joy to read. Russell Hoban's rollicking adventure story is matched perfectly by Quentin Blake's exuberant illustrations. The tale is a flawless blend of excitement and surrealism that children are sure to adore. It is easy to see why this has been brought back to our book stores 19 years after first being published.

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