The Quiet Crocodile Goes to the Beach

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press


Fossil the quiet crocodile loves the beach. He’s always one of the first ones there, keen to contemplate the waves and collect shells. All of his friends love the beach too: Harvey the monkey, Pat the cat and Helen the hen (among many others) spend their sunny beach day lolling all over Fossil and splashing in the sea. 

Yet there’s one thing that really stresses out the otherwise chill crocodile, and that’s the idea of getting in the water. Fossil just doesn’t like it! With a little bit of encouragement, he jumps in. Maybe the water isn’t so bad, after all? 

Delphine Renon’s gorgeously cute crocodile and all his friends – each with very distinct personalities – stars in a quirky and attractive book about friendship, conquering your fears and being yourself. Lots of little ones aren’t sure about going in to paddle in the sea or swim in a pool, so this is the perfect summery book to soothe their fears.

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