The Powerpuff Girls: Brain Freeze

Publisher: Orchard Books

Superhero sisters, the Powerpuff Girls, are eager to enter a competition to invent a new ice cream flavour, as the winner receives free ice cream for a year. However, they cannot agree on a recipe. Blossom wants strawberry with rainbow sprinkles, Bubbles decides on Scrummy Yummy Tutti Frutti Chewy Gooey Bluey Bubblegum, and Buttercup plumps for Hawaiian pizza flavour.

Townsville is soon covered in a gooey mess as they frantically distribute ice cream, each hoping to gain the most votes and win the contest. Meanwhile, their nemesis, Mojo Jojo the monkey, orchestrates a monster invasion of Townsville in a bid to overthrow the sisters. The girls must think quickly and work together if they are to defeat their enemies.

Based on an animated TV series, this humorous adventure is packed full of girl power and ice cream. With line drawings punctuating the short chapters, this light-hearted series is ideal for reluctant girl readers.

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