The Phenomenals: A Tangle of Traitors

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books


Deep in the wood bubbles the malevolent tar-pit, where criminals’ bodies are flung. The howling wraiths want to escape, and The Festival of the Lurids is the perfect time. Evil Kamptulicon releases one ghoul, but needs a living body to complete the transformation. Nobody is safe. 

Four unlikely teenagers are Degringolade city’s only hope: Folly Harpelaine, a brave hunter;  Vincent, the Pilfering Picklock; beautiful heiress Citrine Capodel; and Jonah, a kind, disfigured whale hunter. Together, can The Phenomenals force the Lurid to return to the tar-pit - and then escape the gallows?

This is a creepy and gripping tale of a murderous world where drifting stones and a fortune-teller’s cards reveals surprising truths, and nothing is quite as it seems. Unusual and imaginative, and full of intriguing characters, it will be especially enjoyed by confident readers.

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