The Parent Problem

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

To Skye's sheer horror, her mum has taken up dancing and she's throwing herself into it, costumes and all. To make matters worse, she's insisting that Skye still needs a babysitter while she attends her classes. She employs their new neighbour's son, who is just one school year above Skye. Totally mortifying!

Finn might be the coolest new boy at school but he's spoiling everything for Skye. Everything's going wrong, and her mum is too busy doing the Tango to notice. How can Skye conquer the school bullies and the nightmare next door when she can't even solve The Parent Problem?

Anna Wilson writes so naturally for young people. This is an easy read that will make pre-teens laugh out loud when they're not cringing on Skye's behalf.

Readers will enjoy working out the real reason behind the parents' suspicious activity, and it's nice to find a real-world drama that isn't bogged down in too much tragedy. Lively, relatable and lots of fun.

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