The Paradise Bird

Publisher: Minedition

The crows are bored. They sit on their branch from noon to night, waiting for they don't know what. Being bored only makes them feel tired and it seems like they'll be stuck in this cycle forever until a very colourful character crash lands into their lives.

The Paradise Bird is well travelled and has met loads of other birds who sing, dance, whistle, trill, warble, twitter and chirp so when the crows claim that all they do is croak, the Paradise Bird decides to shake things up. Starting with a catchy tune he gets the birds bobbing, then step by step he creates a little dance and with some colourful feathers to get them in the party spirit he gets all the crows doing the Crazy Croak-a Croak-a!

The white page gives a nice contrast between the black crows and the technicolour paradise bird and the story's message of encouragement is always relevant. The crows discover that trying something new can be a good thing and when they let loose they end up having the best time ever!

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