The Otherwhere Emporium

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Publisher: Kelpies

The Nowhere Emporium is an enchanted shop which appears at will in any time or place. The proprietor, Daniel Holmes, uses his imagination to create wondrous spaces in the Emporium’s vast interior. Whatever he writes in the enchanted Book of Wonders appears as a room inside the shop, ready to be enjoyed by visiting customers, who will instantly forget about it as soon as they leave. However, a dark force is seeping through the Emporium and Daniel has disappeared.

In present-day Glasgow, 11-year-old Mirren is dismayed to learn that her mother is being held captive inside the Emporium. When Mirren, her best friend Lukasz and their nemesis Robyn are summoned to the mysterious shop in the dead of night, they enter with trepidation. The children need to work together to rescue Mirren’s mum and defeat the evil magician who is infecting everything with his sinister magic. Meanwhile, they must keep one step ahead of the inky Nightmares, viscous monsters with terrifyingly sharp teeth, which chase them through the labyrinth of rooms.

This is a thrilling conclusion to the award-winning Nowhere Emporium trilogy. Bursting with imaginative spaces, mystical experiences and extraordinary characters, readers will be captivated by this compelling page-turner.

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