The Not Bad Animals

Publisher: Francis Lincoln

For too long people have misrepresented, maligned and demonised animals like hyenas, vultures and rats. In this myth-busting fact book these creatures set the record straight and explain that they're actually a friendly bunch!

From terrifying spiders that creep into children’s mouths as they sleep at night to bloodsucking bats that are buddies with Dracula and sharks that love to gobble up boats, misconceptions about animals are everywhere. In reality, spiders are more frightened of people than we are of them, clever bats use echolocation to keep out of people’s way and awesome sharks help keep the ocean healthy!

The (Not) Bad Animals has the balance just right: there’s plenty of jaw-dropping information but not so much as to be overwhelming. There’s also lots of humour and playfulness in the book, so families can giggle over their favourite pages together - and giggle they will! Adorable, bold illustrations and wild facts make this a great choice for animal lovers but could also help young children who are a little sceptical of beasties to overcome their fears.

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