The Night Spinner

Publisher: Simon & Schuster


The Dreamsnatcher Trilogy concludes with another epic journey for Moll Pecksniff and her band of loyal friends. Dangerous landscapes and dark magic threaten at every turn, but bravery triumphs.

In a dark room, a shadowy figure spins his dark magic through the night; two Shadowmasks remain and the night spinner is set on silencing Moll Pecksniff's dreams once and for all. However, brave Moll and her trusty wildcat Gryff are still on the quest for good, searching for Alfie across the wilderness and solving the clues that will take them to the amulet of truth and help the Tribe conquer the dark magic for good.

The ghastly sack-faced Wormhook is the stuff of nightmares; Elphinstone has never shied away from making the menace in her stories genuinely menacing and she's saved the scariest Shadowmask for last. Fans will need tissues handy as they say goodbye to Moll and Gryff in the moving last chapters of this series' end.  

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