The Night of the Burning

Publisher: Bloomsbury


A few years after the First World War, terrible attacks against Jews in Poland left hundreds of children orphaned and traumatised. Into the midst of their misery came an incredible man with the desire and the means to offer the youngsters hope for the future and a route to a new life – albeit on the other side of the world.

This moving novel follows Devorah and her sister as they are wrenched from a happy, if materially poor, life in Poland, through the trauma of their parents' deaths, to the loneliness and uncertainty of being cared for in an orphanage and finally their long and painful journey to South Africa where they must try to rebuild their shattered existence.

Written with compassion and empathy, Linda Press Wulf exposes a little-publicised chapter in the history of the Jewish people, which is all the more poignant as it is based on the real life experiences of her own mother-in-law.

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