The Nest

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Kenneth Oppel is a class act - and The Nest is no exception. With skillful storytelling, and atmospheric illustrations from one of the coolest illustrators in the business, this reading experience is the glorious result of its stellar parts.

A dark tragedy looms over Steve's family. The new baby is sick. His parents seem to spend all their time at the hospital. And Steve's coping with nightmares and anxiety issues all by himself.

The wasps' nest hangs right by the window to the baby's room, but the Queen has found her way into Steve's dreams. She's offering him a chance to solve all their problems: switch the poorly baby for a healthy one and have his family restored - but at what cost?

A chilling drama with a heart-racing climax, Oppel's knack of finding an unusual gem of a story that sparkles with memorable moments is in full force here. The Nest is a scary place to be, but you'll be so glad you entered… Watch out for the sting in this tale.

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