The Mystery of Wickworth Manor

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

When Curtis and Paige find themselves paired up on a school trip to Wickworth Manor, they immediately take a dislike to each other. But when Curtis discovers an 18th century portrait of a young black servant, dressed in livery, hidden away in an attic room, both are determined to solve the mystery of the painting - albeit in very different ways. Could he be the legendary Wickworth Boy, who is said to haunt the Manor? To find out the truth, Paige and Curtis must work together to unravel some long-buried secrets.

This lively story from Elen Caldecott is packed with humour and action, but also has a serious side, touching on the history of the slave trade. The Mystery of Wickworth Manor is an entertaining, fun yet simultaneously thoughtful adventure that is sure to engage readers at upper primary level.  

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