The Mystery of Me

Publisher: Barrington Stoke


Ketty died for two minutes, 39 seconds after the accident. She doesn't remember what happened, or much from before – who her friends were, what made her happy. And now she has to go back to school and work out how to get to her classes and who's nice and who isn't all over again. Mostly though, she wants her memories back. But when they start to return, she might not be ready for what she discovers. What if Ketty isn't who she thought she was?

The Mystery of Me is a touching story about identity and how sometimes something bad can actually be life-changing in a positive way. Ketty is a great character and in this short and super readable book, it's very clever how the author gradually reveals the different layers to Ketty and her story. Printed in a dyslexia friendly font, it's also ideal for reluctant or struggling readers, especially those who like books about real-life but with a touch of mystery.

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