The Missing Bookshop

Publisher: Stripes

Milly adores her local bookshop, run by silver-haired Mrs Minty. Mrs Minty always knows just the book for Milly, whether it’s an adventure, something funny or a book about mermaids she’s looking for.

Yet, one day, when Milly and her mum visit the shop, Milly notices that Mrs Minty is a bit slower than she used to be, and the shop is looking a little faded and tired. One day, the bookshop is closed, and then it goes up for sale. Oh no! What can have happened to Mrs Minty?

Fortunately, there’s some brilliant news about who is opening a shop in place of the old Minty’s bookshop…

Katie Clapham is the owner, with her mother, of the hugely successful independent bookshop Storytellers, Inc in Lytham St Annes. Her obvious love of books and bookshops shines through in this absolutely delightful story, illustrated by the very talented Kirsti Beautyman, about love, family, books and community. Absolutely delightful.

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