The Midnight Peacock

Publisher: Egmont

In book four of The Sinclair’s Mysteries, Sophie and Lil’s fledgling detective agency is making ripples across London. Their great nemesis, The Baron, has disappeared, but Sophie’s certain it won’t be long before he launches some nasty new scheme. Meanwhile, she and Lil have been invited to their friend’s country house for Christmas, where they’re drawn into some mysterious goings-on in the East Wing: cold draughts and stomping footsteps that the servants insist are ghosts…

From hidden passageways and lost letters to glitzy parties and secret societies, the young detectives have several threads to unravel in this wonderful mystery, helped by their expanding group of friends.

A tightly woven and engaging adventure, The Midnight Peacock is full of characters you can’t help but root for, and builds in some great background story for spirited heroine Sophie. Will she, Lil and the others get to the real truth in time, and put a stop to The Baron’s most explosive scheme yet?

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