The Midnight Carnival

Publisher: The O’Brien Press

Grace is so excited when the carnival comes to town. She and her five magical friends get to know Agata the strongwoman, Justine the bearded acrobat and Drake, the boy with lizard-green skin.

Even weirder people are lurking in the fairground - the creepy melancholy clowns, the spooky doctor and the blind fortune-teller with one gold tooth. Soon, sinister secrets seem to lurk around every corner - and trust is at a premium.

When term begins, so do the girls' witch-training classes, where they learn powerful new spells. But will these be enough to banish the evil sorceress Murdrina and lift her terrible curse from the carnival?

Bubbling over with magic and imagination, this edge-of-the-seat teen adventure features scarily dark sorcery and a hint of romance.

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