The Map to Everywhere

Publisher: Orion

Orphan and Master Thief, Fin scrapes a living in Khaznot Quay's busy streets. No matter how big the theft, no-one ever remembers him, until one day someone does, sending a letter containing clues about his long-lost, much-missed mother. To find her, he must steal a mysterious key and find The Map To Everywhere.

Marrill's archaeologist parents have had to stop their adventuring as her mother is sick. When she's whisked away by a magical pirate ship, Marrill is delighted, but also desperate to return home. She too needs The Map to Everywhere - but so does a powerful Oracle to fulfil a world-ending prophecy. Can they find it before he does?

Extraordinarily vivid alternate worlds, strong characters and hair-raising adventures are interwoven in this fast-moving fantasy quest. 

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