The Magic of Sleep

Publisher: DK

This interesting non-fiction picture book for older readers explores all aspects of sleep. Understand what happens to the body during different stages of sleep and discover why sleep is fundamental to our physical and mental wellbeing. Find out why we dream – and have nightmares – and learn what different cultures through the ages have believed about sleep.

An engaging section, entitled "Sleep in Nature", looks at the sleeping habits of a range of birds, animals, sea life and even plants. Included in the final chapter are plenty of practical tips for a restful slumber, such as turning screens off an hour before bedtime, dimming the lights and meditation.

Fascinating facts, amusing anecdotes and entertaining quizzes are accompanied by colourful illustrations, which add detail and humour. Readers are guided through the pages by Mimi Cat, an entertaining feline, who is an expert on snoozing. This is a great book to dip in and out of, with a clear contents page to help navigate to particular areas of interest, a comprehensive glossary, and a handy index.

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