The Lotterys Plus One

Publisher: MacMillan

Nine-year-old Sumac lives with her huge and diverse family made up of two mums (one couple), two dads (another couple) and six brothers and sisters (of many different heritages) in Camelottery - the house the parents bought after winning the lottery.

All is chaotic, offbeat brilliance until the 82-year-old grandfather the kids have never met moves in and starts showing signs of dementia. 'Grumps' is conservative, bad tempered and seemingly hates everything the Lotterys are all about. How can Sumac persuade everyone that it's a good idea if Grumps moves out ASAP?

Told with utter charm and a lightness of touch, ultimately The Lotterys Plus One is about acceptance. Grumps needs to learn how to accept this unconventional family and the Lotterys to find it in their hearts to understand Grumps' ways.

This is the first children's book by Emma Donoghue, the internationally acclaimed and bestselling author of Man Booker finalist Room.

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