The Kids Who Knew Too Little

The League of Unexceptional Children book 3

Publisher: Little Brown

Shelley and Jonathan are members of the League of Unexceptional Children, a group of young spies whom no-one would suspect... because, frankly, they're kind of average. But when Jonathan's parents are framed for stealing a top secret file and arrested by the CIA, the duo will have to pull together (along with annoying new recruit Charl-with-a-silent-E) to find the real villains.

Their quest takes them deep into Bulgaria and leads them to infiltrate the secretive Order of Merium – but will their cover be blown or will they manage to exonerate Jonathan's mum and dad?

Just as silly as the previous two books in the Unexceptional Children series, The Kids Who Knew Too Little has a whale of a time and it's hard not to get swept up in the joyful nonsense of it all. James Lancett's fun illustrations add a sprinkle of extra humour to proceedings, and children will race through the pacey adventure.

But Shelley and Jonathan's friendship is also sweetly drawn – and the story is a charming reminder that you don't have to be exceptional to have an impact on the world.

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