The League of Unexceptional Children Get Smart-ish

Publisher: Little Brown

Jonathan and Shelley are unremarkable American twelve year olds, who blunder through life being largely ignored by those around them. It is this capacity to be utterly forgettable that leads them to be recruited by the League of Unexceptional Children, a covert spy network.

When Nancy, a rogue British agent from the Bureau of Adolescent Espionage, steals a dangerous virus which reduces intelligence, the Prime Minister enlists the help of Jonathan and Shelley to track her down. Arriving in London, the hapless duo attempt to follow the clues and locate Nancy before she can unleash the virus on an unsuspecting world.

This is the second amusing title in this fast-paced, offbeat spy series. Divided into chapters and accompanied by black and white illustrations, it contains plenty of mystery, mayhem and humour.

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